Best Bowling Ball Cleaners in 2021

Some bowlers complain that after 30 to 40 games at the bowling alley, the bowling ball does not hook properly, and they are unable to get the same reaction from the ball as they used to. The reason for your ball not behaving up to the mark is often not a technical but a maintenance (cleaning, to be precise) issue.

Keeping your bowling ball clean is essential. When you bowl, your bowling ball picks up oil, dust, or dirt from the bowling lanes which could be absorbed in the bowling ball coverstocks (which is the outer shell of your ball surface). This negatively impacts the performance of your ball, your hook potential, and hence your overall game.

How to Clean a Bowling Ball?

Taking care of your bowling ball and cleaning it regularly will ensure that your clean bowling ball showcases its full potential, and so do you at bowling leagues. There are many cleaning solutions available in the market, and some people may also recommend home remedies for cleaning your bowling ball.

However, your bowling ball is a precious little (though heavy!) thing and you may not want to experiment with abrasive cleaning agents that could harm your ball during ball maintenance. Also, some bowling ball cleaners damage the lane so try to avoid those with harmful chemicals.

Top 5 Bowling Ball Cleaners

Here are our five best bowling ball cleaners that will make sure your ball enjoys a prolong game life and so do you if you want one of the best. For any bowler, a good bowling ball cleaner can be creating the difference between a winning game and a bad one. Also, you don’t need to give someone else money to clean the balls when you can do so efficiently and effectively by using the best cleaner. Let us help you fins the best bowling ball cleaner out there in the bowling industry:

1. That Purple Stuff Bowling Ball Cleaner

As the name says, That Purple Stuff Cleaner is exactly that awesome purple stuff that cleans your balls like a professional cleaner. All you need to do is to apply it to a CTD powder pad and voila! Approved by the USBC – authorized to test products for professional competitions – to be used on your bowling supplies, the That Purple Stuff bowling ball cleaner comes in different sizes of 4 and 8 oz in flip tops, 6 oz foam bowling ball cleaner, and one-gallon bottle. You can keep its 4 oz flip top bottle handy in your bag, so you have it with you whenever your ball needs to be applied a cleaner.

Although That Purple Stuff is guaranteed to remove grime, leaving the balls ready to strike, it is an expensive bowling ball cleaner and may have too little cleaning solution for the price it has. However, if the cleaner price is not an issue and cleaning your balls is, That Purple Stuff is exactly the stuff you need.

  • Approved for use by USBC
  • 8 oz flip top bottle
  • Pair with a CtD Power Pad for easy application (not included)

2. Pyramid Monster Tac Bowling Ball Cleaner

The pyramid is not a new name in the bowling industry. It has countless bowling products in the market that vouch for the company’s credibility, and the Pyramid MT is one of them. It comes in different sizes of 4, 8 and 32 oz cleaning bottles, however, the 4 oz cleaner is perfect for carrying in any bowling ball bag. The Pyramid Monster Tac is an “any time use” bowling ball cleaner that can be used between frames, shots, and games to keep your bowling motion consistent. Just spray the cleaner directly on the bowling ball surface and rub it using a microfiber towel to get the desired results.

This USBC-approved bowling ball cleaner has a pump spray nozzle that helps to eliminate all kinds of bowling lane debris, dirt and oil from your bowling ball’s coverstock. Some bowlers may find its smell strong which is understandable as it is a cleaning product. If you find the strong scent over-bearing, you can wear a dusk-mask while using the spray bottle. This quality bowling ball cleaner gets the work done at, and you can make a difference at a good price considering there are many expensive top bowling ball cleaners out there in the market.

  • Keep your equipment clean and ready for the lanes
  • Easy application, easy removal
  • Convenient sizes for bowling bags
  • USBC Approved
  • Safe for all bowling balls

3. Storm Bowling Products Reacta Shine Bowling Ball Cleaner

The attractive looking bowling-pin-shaped bottle of the Storm Bowling cleaner is intelligently designed and gives your balls the shine they deserve. It is a two-in-one product: a bowling ball cleaning material and polisher in one bottle, leaving your balls squeaky clean to a fantastic 1500 grit.

The cleaner safely restores your bowling ball’s original shine and enhances its performance. The 4 oz portable bottle can be easily carried in one of the pockets of your bag. The best thing about this great bowling ball cleaner is that after using it, the ball gets less oily and can be easily wiped using only a microfiber towel.

Unlike many other cleaning solutions, it has a pleasant smell that gives a feel-good touch after its use. It is well-priced and easy to use. A small amount goes a long way, especially that the cleaner works as polish as well, keep your ball shining and giving it the perfect slide.

The only downside is that the Storm Reacta only comes in a 4 oz bottle, so if you are in love with the functionality and practicality of this bowling ball cleaner, you will have to buy its small bottles over and over again, instead of buying a bigger bottle (considering many competitors offer their ball cleaners in a gallon-sized container).

  • Package length: 5.842 cm
  • Package width: 5.334 cm
  • Package height: 13.462 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

4. Hammer Tough N Tacky Bowling Ball Cleaner

Just like its name, this ball cleaning material is tough on dirt, oil, grime, and belt marks and wipes them away from the ball’s surface. The Hammer Tough N Tacky Bowling Cleaner polishes your balls nicely leaving their surface extra-tacky for a more backend hook. It can be used on plastic as well as on your high-end bowling balls to retain their shine and performance.

The Hammer Tough N Tacky Cleaner is available in 8 and 32 oz bottles, which can be carried in your bowling ball bag. Use a towel to gently wipe off the lane oil and dirt using a small amount of the Hammer Ball Cleaner and ta-da! Your bowling ball is as clean as new! It works perfectly well on plastic, urethane, and reactive balls.

Hammer Tough N Tacky Cleaner is a USBC-approved ball cleaning material. If you are a serious bowler who plans to compete in bowling tournaments, you can only use a good bowling ball cleaner approved by the USBC. Some bowlers believe it is too tacky for their needs and may use additional different cleaners to remove the tackiness after cleaning the ball. Also, the ball cleaning liquid is slightly more expensive than many other cleaning solutions out there. Overall, the Tough N Tacky cleans your equipment well and keep them rolling – which is exactly what we want from any good cleaner.

  • Removes oil, dirt and belt marks from the bowling ball's surface

5. Ebonite Power Wash Ball Cleaner

Not all ball cleaner liquids can be used on every type of bowling ball. Some cleaners are strong enough to give your ball a squeaky clean but then their abrasive chemicals may end up causing more harm than good to your expensive balls. This cleaner gives you the comfort to be used on almost any ball, making a permanent place in your bowling bag.

Use a microfiber towel to clean with the Power Wash and see the difference. Your bowling ball will react and move more consistently than many other cleaners that are available. It can be your go-to cleaner for stubborn oil residue and getting the belt gunk off your precious ball. For deep cleaning, let the ball cleaner stay on the bowling ball for a couple of minutes and then rub it off. The Power Wash is available in 5 oz bottle and its cleaner spray nozzle is of good quality. Due to its convenient portable size, it can be easily carried in your bag.

The Power Wash contains a performance-enhancing formula that increases the backend motion. The effective emulsifiers used in this product quickly remove the dirt and the oil ring from your balls.

One of the highlights of this product, besides its fantastic ball cleaning performance, is the apple-scented fragrance. With dozens of bowling cleaners in the market that have a strong and over-powering smell, the Ebonite Cleaner is literally a breath of fresh air.

  • Performance enhancing formula that increases backend motion during competition
  • Emulsifiers accelerate oil removal
  • Bio-degradable apple scented formula

What is the Best Cleaner for Bowling Balls?

While going for the most perfect ball cleaning material, you need to keep in mind the following factors:

Being USBC Approved

All the bowling balls and accessories are regulated by the United States Bowling Congress – the USBC. If you are a novice player, the USBC approval may not matter to you much, but if you are considering taking this sport seriously, you should always check if a ball cleaner is USBC-approved cleaner or not.

Cleaner Bottle Size and Portability

Size does matter! While smaller bowling ball cleaning bottles are easier to carry in your bag, buying big bottles will be a more cost-effective step.

Cleaning Use

Some bowling cleaners are great for removing oil and dirt from your ball, while others give your bowling ball a more polished look. Also, not every ball cleaner works well on different materials.


Although some people may find it to be of secondary importance, a harsh smell coming off your bowling ball can be a definite put off. Some people are also allergic to some chemicals used in strong scents of the ball cleaners. A good ball cleaning liquid should not have an over-powering smell.


A value-for-money ball cleaner will go a long way in your bowling career (or hobby). While determining the cost, you need to check how much of the ball cleaning material you need to use to remove oil from your ball, and does the cost do justice with the quantity the company offers.

Closing Thoughts About Bowling Ball Cleaners

A good ball cleaner is as important as the bowling ball itself. Without it, your bowling ball will not give its optimum performance. Your go-to cleaners should be USBC-approved and should come in a portable bottle size that you can carry with you in the bowling bag. Remember that the ball care and maintenance you give to your bowling balls will determine their lifespan as well as the quality of your bowling game, such as the hook potential. Try the best bowling ball cleaners mentioned above, and determine which one suits you and your bowling ball the most?

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