Bowling Ball Rack Reviews and How to Build One

There are a lot of important parts to a bowling ball setup – the lane, the pins, the ball. But one of the most overlooked pieces is the bowling ball rack.

This simple piece of equipment is essential for keeping your balls safe and organized, especially if you are competing and have a number of bowling balls or even if you own a small bowling center.

What is a Bowling Ball Rack?

A bowling ball rack is a storage unit, a shelf used to store bowling balls. They have different designs and styles, but they are basically shelves or pieces of furniture that have slots or a gap to hold the balls. These racks are mostly made out of metal or wood, and they have to be massive enough to hold all the weight.

Reviews of Available Bowling Ball Racks

Buying a bowling ball rack may have a higher delivery or shipping cost than a DIY solution, but it may be well worth the money.

See the following reviews of some popular racks in the market.

TFKitchens Bowling Ball Rack

TFKitchens Bowling Ball Rack - Case 12 Ball
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This Bowling Ball Rack is the perfect tool to keep your bowling ball clean and organized.

The rack has a sturdy construction with a nice finish. It can hold up to 3-6-9-12 balls depending on your choice, and comes with rubber pads on the bottom so it won’t slide around while you’re cleaning or polishing your bowling balls.

This is an excellent way to organize all of your bowling balls at home or at the lanes!

  • We will send you (1) Unfinished plywood Bowling Ball rack for Case 12 Ball
  • Racks are unfinished without any treatment. Rack is supplied flat packed
  • Cut to your size CANNOT be cancelled or returned. Proudly Made in USA.

Bowling Ball Rack (12 Ball)

Ball Cart Wide Base (12 Balls), Color-White
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The Bowling Ball Rack (12 Ball) is the perfect accessory for any serious bowler. This rack features a clean finish and has a total of 12 ball slots.

The slot size is the standard size for all types of bowling balls. This product can be mounted on any wall or on the floor in your garage, basement or home.

  • Heavy duty White powdercoated steel tubing
  • Non-marring, hard rubber casters with a wide, no-topple base
  • Designed for easy storage and removal of balls
  • 12 Ball Cart - 40'W X 40"H x 16" D

Optimal Branding Solutions LLC Bowling Ball Rack – Wood

This sleek and stylish ball rack is easy to assemble and features an attractive, simple design. Great for home use or in any bowling center!

The Optimal Branding Solutions LLC Bowling Ball Rack features a 9-12-15-ball capacity, made from durable wood.


How Do You Make a Bowling Ball Rack?

A DIY bowling ball rack is another option – although it may not be the best option for everyone.

Bowling ball racks are quite easy to build, but you will need access to some tools, wood and/or metal strips, screws, nuts and bolts.

There are a number of videos on the internet on how to build them, so be sure to explore some of those in advance, but it is basically a massive shelf.

Have a Proper Gap Width for the Balls

It’s also important to have a proper gap width between each slot in your rack – this distance should be no greater than the ball diameter.

How you want to build your DIY bowling ball rack is totally up to you. Be creative!

A Cool and Dry Place

To store your bowling balls, it’s best to have a cool and dry place for your rack – humidity is not good for any of the materials in the ball.

If you’re using a wood rack, protect it from moisture with some kind of sealant or varnish.

Safety First

You may take the additional time to build your own handmade ball rack, but remember to take safety into account as well.

Especially if you have a child or pet around, then be sure to bolt your rack to the floor and/or wall! Bowling balls can be heavy – you don’t want anybody to get hurt, or anything to tip or fall on the balls.

Ensure stability. Make sure your ball rack is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the balls.

Keep the balls away from sunlight – this can damage the coverstock and take away shine.


Make It Nice

These racks serve to store bowling balls, but showcasing them at the same time. Try and make yours look nice and stylish.

Keep it tidy and organized – it can be a great way to impress your friends, family or teammates!


A dumbbell or kettlebell storage rack is also a massive storage item that could hold your bowling balls due to their massive weight, if you have nothing else in your area. Just be check the size and build twice before buying one.

This is a simple fix that you can implement in your home gym or any other area in your house that has enough space to hold the weight of the rack and the bowling balls.

If bowling is only a hobby for you, and you just own one or two balls, bowling ball cups can be a good option to hold them, as they are bowl-shaped, have a nice finish and they do the job perfectly, too.


A bowling ball rack is a piece of equipment that will help you store your game balls properly. If you are looking for the best deals on these racks, be sure to research all of your options before making any decisions.

It’s also important to note that some people choose to build their own homemade versions instead of buying an expensive pre-made model – this might work if space is limited or funds are tight but otherwise we recommend using a professionally made product.

Your bowling ball will thank you for good storage and you’ll enjoy your time at the lanes even more!

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