Choosing Bowling Ball Sanding Pads

Did you know that there are different ways to sand your ball?

In this guide, we will discuss the different types of sanding pads and how to use them. We will also provide tips on how to get the most out of your sanding experience. Stay tuned!

Top 3 Bowling Ball Sanding Pads

8 Best Bowling Ball Sanding Pads

Bowlers who do not own their sanding equipment can use sanding pads. The following products are rated among the best ones on the market.

Bowlerstore Abralon Sanding Pad

Bowlerstore Abralon Sanding Pads- Set of All 7 Grits Plus Moxy Cleaner
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Bowlerstore’s Abralon Pads offer a professional finish to your bowling equipment. Available in a variety of grits, these sanding pads will remove the ball surface scratches and imperfections, any residual material, giving you that new shine. The high-quality foam backing provide durability, and that these products will last through many uses.

  • Get one of each grit made: 180 grit, 360 grit, 500 grit, 1000 grit, 2000 grit, 3000, and 4000 grit. Plus, we will include a bottle of our Moxy Xtreme Power Bowling Ball Cleaner.
  • Now it's possible to get the most aggressive surface texture without that cheese grater look
  • Abralon sanding pads use silicon carbide particles that are precision sifted to a consistent grain size, then bonded evenly to a six-inch round fabric face for the most even scratch pattern available …

Ebonite Abralon Bowling Pads

Ebonite Abralon Bowling Pads (Set of 3), 500 Grit
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Ebonite’s Abralon Bowling Pads are designed to provide a smooth surface to roll on, giving you more consistent bowling.

The pad is designed to help you achieve a smooth, consistent roll on every shot. They work great on all types of bowling ball surfaces.

The product will change the way you approach the sport. The extremely durable and aggressive surface texture provides the ultimate lane reaction in all bowling conditions.

  • Cosmetically appealing, consistent scratch pattern provides excellent traction
  • Combines the benefits of abrasive cloth and non-woven products
  • Opening in the fabric allows water to flow freely around the abrasive

Mirka Abralon Sanding Pad

Mirka Abralon 6
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This perfect sanding pad is made of a durable abrasive material that will allow you to sand your projects easily and quickly.

The abrasive material is bonded to the foam backing, which allows the pad to last longer than those without it.

Mirka’s Abralon Sanding Pad works on all types of surfaces, making it ideal for bowling balls. Resurfacing Kit Complete Bowling Ball Resurfacing and Cleaning Kit (Set of 7 Abralon Pads + Monster Tac + Track Shammy)
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The Abralon Resurfacer Kit is the most advanced resurfacing product available for your ball. It features a unique blend of abrasives that creates a smoother and more consistent surface than any other products on the market.

This kit includes 7 different grits of abralon, which allows you to achieve multiple levels of resurfacing on your ball to keep it in its best shape possible. The medium-fine grit will remove minor imperfections and give your that incredibly smooth feel, while the fine and extra fine grits will remove deep scratches.

  • Perform surface adjustments on-the-fly and keep your bowling ball clean and ready for the lanes
  • Receive one of each grit: 180 grit, 360 grit, 500 grit, 1000 grit, 2000 grit, 3000 grit and 4000 grit
  • 1 4oz Monster Tac Remove All Bowling Ball Cleaner
  • 1 Track Easy Grip Microfiber Shammy Bowling Towel

Maitys Bowling Sanding Pad

Bowling Sanding Pads Bowling Ball Spinner Bowling Ball Sanding Sand Pads Resurfacing Polishing Cleaning Kit, 12 Pieces, 500,1000, 2000 Grit
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Maitys products are the professional’s choice for sanding and resurfacing bowling balls.

These pads are designed to quickly remove surface imperfections and restore a smooth finish to your bowling equipment. They can also be used for polishing and cleaning.

Made from high-quality materials, these products are durable and long-lasting. They’re also easy to use, making them perfect for anyone who wants to get the best results from their sanding and resurfacing work.

  • Rich quantity and appropriate size: 12 pieces bowling ball sanding pads in 3 kinds of grits, P500-P600, P800-P1000, P2000, 4 pieces each grit; Each bowling ball sanding pad measures about 5 inch in diameter, adequate for your daily life
  • Broad utilization: bowling ball sanding kit of 500, 1000, 2000 grits have multiple usage, P500 provides rough grinding to remove scratches and deep cleaning, and P800-P1000 and P2000 offer fine polishing, numerous functions for you to choose whichever you need …

Leelosp Abralon Pads

6 Pieces Bowling Ball Sand Pads Sandpaper 5 Inch in Diameter Abrasive Bowling Ball Resurfacing Kit, Girt 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 5000 Grit Round Bowling Ball Pad for Sanding Polishing
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These sandpaper resurfacing and polishing pads are perfect for bowling balls. The diameter is 5 inches, and the pads are made of an abrasive material that will help you resurface and polish.

These products can be used on all types of material, which makes them great for both beginners and professionals.

  • Adequate quantity and rich size: receive 6 pieces of white suede bowling abrasion pads with 6 different grits, respectively 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 5000 grit, various types to meet your daily needs
  • Versatile use: the bowling ball sanding pads can be applied to sand and polish bowling balls, fine woodworking and boats; P500 and P1000 are suitable for coarse grinding to remove scratches and deep cleaning, P1500 and P2000 for fine polishing, P3000 and P5000D for the deepest polishing …

TruCut Sanding Pads

Creating the Difference TruCut Sanding Pads | 1500 Grit | 5
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TruCut products are professional-grade sanding pads that deliver a superior finish on all surfaces. The unique design allows it to conform to any surface, delivering a superior finish every time.

The high quality of the sandpaper ensures a long life and consistent results.

  • Sanding Pads made for bowling
  • Great for use wet or dry
  • 5" diameter
  • Contains 1 - 1500 grit pad
  • Due to the typ of ink used in production, we recommend writing the grit number on the pad prior to use

Brunswick Siaair Micro Finishing Pads

Siaair 6Inch Micro Finishing Pad (3/pkg)
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Brunswick’s Siaair are designed to remove light and medium scratches, swirl marks and oxidation from surfaces.

These sanding discs are made with ceramic abrasive material that will not wear out during normal use.

  • Longest lasting micro pad in the industry
  • Consistent finish throughout life of pad
  • Minimum clogging
  • Low scratch depth
  • Waterproof and washable

FAQs About Sanding Pads

The following questions are some of the most frequently asked ones about the topic.

What is Bowling Ball Sanding?

Sanding refers to the process of smoothing out your ball’s surface to create a better bowling experience. In doing so, you remove any inconsistencies from your ball’s coverstock. This will allow for improved traction and less friction on bowling lane oil patterns.

It is usually performed with a sanding disc or a sanding pad.

The main benefit of sanding is that it improves your ball’s roll, which increases its effectiveness on all oil conditions. It also gives more consistency to the way your ball rolls every time you use it. With the help of a ball spinner, sanding can be done even more faster.

After the sanding, access dust should be cleaned off with a towel.

What Grit Should I Sand My Bowling Ball?

The sanding pads that you purchase will come with a recommended grit rating. Usually, this rating would be on the package of the sanding pad. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend beginning with a coarser grit and moving up to a finer grit if necessary. A 1500 grit is usually the finishing grit value. The most frequently available grits are:

  • 1000-Grit
  • 1500-Grit
  • 2000-Grit
  • 240-Grit
  • 360-Grit
  • 4000-Grit
  • 500-Grit
  • 800-Grit

After you finish your first sanding, it is a good idea to put your ball on the lane and bowl with it. If there are any areas that will need additional smoothing, then it is time to move up the grit scale and repeat the full process.

Does Sanding a Bowling Ball Make It Hook More?

Yes, balls that have been sanded with a resurfacing kit can hook more. However, this is not the only reason why balls are resurfaced. Bowling balls can be resurfaced to amplify a ball’s performance in every aspect!

How Often Should You Sand Your Bowling Ball?

We recommend owners to sand their balls every 50-60 games. However, this number can vary depending on the bowling surface and how often you use your ball.

Abralon sanding pads are the latest technology in surface preparation. These products are crafted with an advanced abrasive grain that smooths and refines balls without scratching or dulling them.

With this new innovation, you can be assured that your balls will have a long-lasting, sleek look.


If you want to keep your bowling ball in top shape, you’ll want the right set of sanding pads. They come in various sizes and shapes, so you can find the one that suits your needs best.

With our guide on how to use these products effectively, we hope your next sanding project will be easier than ever!

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