What is a Bowling Ball See-saw For?

A bowling ball towel or a shammy pad helps to keep your bowling ball clean and dry. A see saw is a towel that is a little bit different in its shape.

A bowling ball seesaw is a special kind of bowling towel made to clean the bowling ball. It is a large, flat piece of cloth with a hole in the middle. The ball can be cleaned by putting it inside the see-saw, and while lifting the towel’s ends, the bowler rubs it against the sides, cleaning the ball all around.

Cleaning Equipment for Bowling Balls

Whether you have a new ball or used bowling balls, removing oil and dirt from the surface of your ball is of utmost importance. Any good bowler who aims to throw a pure shot should try to keep the ball that they use clean.

The most popular pieces of cloth applied for this purpose are towels, the well-known shammy pad and seesaws. This guide attempts to give bowlers a more detailed knowledge about the latter one.

Best Bowling Ball Seesaws

How to Use a Bowling Ball Seesaw on Bowling Balls?

The bowling ball is placed on one end of the see-saw, and by lifting the other end of the towel up, off the ground, you start the cleaning. This causes the bowling ball to spin around in the towel/seesaw.

You set the ball in the see-saw and lift the handles up and down so the ball rolls around in it, and the see-saw wipes off the bowling ball surface.

Be sure not to let go of the see-saw during the cleaning process, as the ball may fall out from the see-saw. When you are finished, the ball should be clean and it is ready for the next shot on the lane.

Add Cleaning Liquid to Maximize Ball Clean

Put a little bowling ball cleaning agent on the ball first, then use the see-saw to clean it off. This will highly increase the bowling ball’s performance by removing oil, dirt, and other build-up materials before every shot.

Tips About Using a Bowling See-saw

It is best if you practice cleaning your bowling ball with a see-saw towel before using it during any big games. Doing this will help you learn how to use it with confidence on the lanes.

Be sure to use a bowling ball seesaw every time you bowl! It is an essential tool for the sport!

Also, choose good see-saw towels that will not fray easily and has a large surface area to clean the bowling ball.

In the following chapter, we will provide you with details about bowling ball seesaws and their various forms and brands.

Big Lebowski, Bowling See-Saw

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bowling Ball SeeSaw

Ball seesaws are a great investment for any bowler.

However, there are a few things you should consider before going shopping. The following features are important to look for when choosing a seesaw.


Bowling ball see-saws are made of cotton, bowling ball regulation size, and have a handle on each side.

A durable product will last for many bowling seasons and provide a faster bowling experience overall.


Choosing the right material is important to the quality of bowling ball seesaws. The material should be soft and absorbent, yet sturdy for durability.

Cotton, alluba, and flannel are some of the best materials to clean your bowling ball with when it comes to a see saw. A washable and durable see-saw is an essential part of any bowling set.


Bowling ball see-saws come in many different colors. Be sure to choose a color that will match your bowling ball, style and clothing.


Choose a see-saw with an interesting design or logo that will make it stand out from the rest! This will make it easier to find it in your bag or locker as well, and more fun to use it on the lanes.

If you play in a team, you can have matching towels, or get creative with the designs!


Some bowling ball see-saws are made of different materials, such as terry cloth or microfiber. The price of a bowling ball seesaw varies, depending on the size and quality.

It is safe to say that $10-$15 is an average price for bowling ball see-saws. Money well spent for any bowler!

Carry Your Bowling Seesaw Within Your Bowling Bag

Be sure to consider all of these factors before purchasing a bowling ball seesaw. It is an important piece of bowling equipment!

Don’t forget to carry the see-saw with you in your bowling bag or keep it in your locker!

Use the seesaw after each throw, since it helps to clean the bowling ball and increase your bowling performance.

Bowling balls collect dirt, grime, moisture and bowling ball cleaner residue throughout bowling. Bowling balls are extremely important to be kept clean, and it’s important to achieve a pure shot if you want to be a successful bowler!

Using a bowling ball seesaw is an easy way to clean off these substances.


How to Care For a Bowling Ball Seesaw?

Just like with any other piece of bowling equipment, it is important to care for your bowling ball see-saw. It should be machine washable, durable and accessible at all times.

If it becomes dirty, you can simply wash it in your washing machine using cold water and a mild detergent. It should not rip or tear and be just like new after drying on a low setting in the dryer.

Be sure to keep your towel clean, as dirt on it can scratch bowling balls. If you are worried about its color, don’t mix it with other clothes when washing it.

Remember to keep your see-saw dry before storing it away each time.

Where Can You Buy a Bowling See-saw?

Shop online and in bowling pro shops for the best selection of bowling ball see-saws. Any good sport shop should have one of these products on stock, and be able to ship it to your doorstep.

Today, most major bowling brands like Storm or Hammer carry this essential piece of bowling equipment.

Also, there are see saw patterns available for people who want to make one themselves, but bowling stores carry many styles of bowling ball see-saws to choose from.

Now that you have learned about bowling ball seesaws, you can purchase it or make your own! It is an important bowling accessory and will maximize your bowling performance.

Closing Thoughts About Bowling Ball Seesaws

A bowling ball seesaw is a great way to clean bowling balls.

In this article, you have learned what a bowling ball seesaw is and how to use one. They are safe to use and help increase bowling performance. They offer great protection against dirt, oil, and cleaner residue.

You should consider buying a see saw before bowling next time if you don’t already have one. They are accessible, affordable, and an excellent piece of bowling equipment for bowlers!

For more bowling equipment advice, check out our other bowling guides!

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