What are Bowling Balls Made of? – Types of Bowling Balls

Bowling balls are of different kinds and different materials. They are of different types and sizes as well. However, all balls tend to have one essential feature: they have holes in them in which a player can stick the fingers and thumb for a grip.

As far as the material is concerned, different kinds of materials have been popular over the years in the process of manufacturing bowling balls. The most frequently used types are hard rubber, polyester, urethane, resin urethane, and reactive urethane.

Back in the 1960s, the most popular balls were made of hard rubber. In the subsequent decade, that is, in the 1970s, polyester balls arrived on the scene. The polyester variety became so popular that a good number of bowling alleys still use them. In the 1980s, the urethane balls stole the limelight. Even today, most of the balls are made of resin urethane. This variety matured in the early 1990s, when reactive urethane started being used.

The Different Types of Best Bowling Balls

polyester bowling ball
Polyester Bowling Ball

The best bowling ball is a piece of scientifically constructed equipment. While making the ball, care is taken to anchor the core of the ball by a small rod that is suspended in a mold. After that, the cover stock is poured over the mold. When material hardens and the ball is removed from the mold, the rod is also removed. The holes of the bowling ball are filled with removable material. When the ball is ready, the plugs are removed and the ball is then set to roll.

The most important part of the bowling ball is the core, as it is this portion that influences ball motion. Today’s high performance balls clearly identify the core, indicating how far it is from the center of gravity.

plastic bowling ball
Plastic Bowling Ball

Many bowlers might do well enough with the wide variety of house balls that bowling alleys let their customers use for free. However, there might come a time when investing in one’s own customized ball becomes worth it. Having the best bowling ball customized will pay off in greater comfort and of course greater performance.

Before going out and getting a custom bowling ball, it would be wise to do some research first and take a look at some of them. There are different types and materials for a bowling ball, and different bowling ball reviews would help the prospective buyer in choosing the right high performance bowling ball.

Polyester Balls

The most inexpensive (and hence most common) material used in making bowling balls is polyester, a kind of plastic. These balls are very hard and durable, able to withstand a lot of abuse. For these reasons, they are usually the ones used as house balls in bowling alleys. Performance-wise, these balls tend to skid more than the other types, making fine control a bit more difficult. They are also not easy to hook, doesn’t have that much hook potential, because of the lack of friction between the bowling ball and the lane surface. Because of this, most professional players shun plastic balls, although they might be sufficient for beginning to casual players.

The plastic or polyester types of balls are great for straight bowlers plus they are great for spare shots as well as for dry walkways. They’re durable and ideal for practice. For that beginner this is an excellent bowling ball to purchase which is economical. The ball may also be personalized when it comes to weight, color and then any other kinds that you simply might be thinking about for that ball to become unique and simple to recognize. The utherane ball might not be starting as low as the sooner version but it’s also economical. A ball will work for connecting as it features a greater friction surface. This is an excellent selection for the moderate bowler, because it requires with additional control compared to plastic or polyester version. Any of the types of balls which have reactive resin will work for elevated skid as well as for a more powerful striking energy.

Polyurethane Balls

polyurethane bowling ball
Polyurethane Bowling Ball

The second material used in bowling balls is polyurethane. Balls made of this material are a bit softer than polyester balls, and have more friction between the ball and the lane surface. Because of this, polyurethane balls are much easier to hook than plastic balls. They have become the regulation standard for this reason. The hooking potential can be increased or decreased by sanding or buffing the ball.

Reactive Resin

resin bowling ball
Resin Bowling Ball

A third and relatively newer material. These are still primarily made of urethane, but particles of resin are added to the coating or coverstock. These sticky particles of resin give these balls even more friction than plain urethane balls, and in the hands of experienced players these balls can be made to hook even further.

Particle Bowling Balls

particle bowling ball
Particle Bowling Ball

Finally, so called particle products incorporate, in addition to these resin particles, glass and ceramic particles into urethane coverstocks. This addition increases hooking power even further, making these balls the choice for a lot of professional bowlers. These balls are also seen to be more controllable than any other in terms of both hooking and speed.

Of course, the better balls such as particle products are going to be more expensive than simple plastic or polyurethane balls. The more expensive choices can represent quite an investment, and casual bowlers would want to look at those that are more within their budget. These polyurethane balls have the advantage of having better traction on the polyurethane finish used on most wooden lanes.

The most recent kind of bowling ball is made of proactive urethane, which gives the ball a different kind of a feel and improves the traction. It may be compared to an all-weather tire. An even newer variety is the particle technology. Additionally, today’s balls come in various colors, and some have a coat of high-gloss polish.

Custom Bowling Balls

Apart from the material composition of the bowling ball, another consideration that became important as technology improved is ball balance. In a ten-pin ball, there are three finger holes drilled into the bowling ball (usually for the thumb and ring and middle fingers). A player would place his fingers into these holes, and then roll the right ball down the lane surface. When modifications to the ball’s weighting and balance became possible, improved ball design made it easier for players to get higher scores.

Naturally, some other players viewed these technological advances as being unfair advantages for those players who were willing to spend more on their games. Because of this, most governing organizations have strict ranges of densities and ball balances that they allow manufacturers to create. During tournaments and the like, the personalized balls that the players are going to use are usually checked thoroughly for compliance with these standards.

Most bowling centers provide so called house balls for casual players, those who do not own a personalized ball of their own. Custom products can have the holes drilled to fit the owner’s fingers, and often make it possible for players to use heavier balls than they would otherwise have. In addition, as mentioned above, the balance of the ball could be adjusted, within certain limits, to the owner’s personal playing preference.

In any case, the wealth of choice means that there is going to be a right one for every bowler of any skill level.

New Bowling Balls Can Easily Increase Your Bowling Score

Are you currently an obsessed bowling participant, established to create a terrific spare or maybe a excellent strike in each and every online game? Then you definitely will need to make the expense in obtaining new balls that happen to be proper for you personally. Each recreation will genuinely make the very best scores in case your new bowling balls hold the particular ease and comfort and model that go along with your online game expertise.

Despite the fact that nearly all of it seems to be practically comparable with its circular exterior characteristic, they’re varied in substances, dimension of your ball, measurement of your holes and in some cases designs in the it. These cause how victorious your recreation will probably be. By acquiring a different bowling ball with each and every attribute complementing your tactic, you may confident lead the scores.

These new objects have numerous types of substances utilized in production. Essentially the most essential and most affordable includes polyester substances. They’re finest for newbie’s or non-professional people. Polyester contained ball are utilized in straight pictures and so are not so valuable in creating hooks. Most people utilized this type of ball to produce a spare.

Yet another form of compound applied for new bowling balls will be the urethane. They’re additional suited on generating hooks and therefore are wonderful for value aware people. Reactive Resin Ball is yet another type but a lot more favored by masters than urethane balls because it is much more practical on hooks in arid lanes and straight shot within a greasy lane surface.

A wonderful form in looking for your finest would be the particle new bowling balls. But, it’s also the priciest of all of them. It’s broadly wished by most competent bowling gamers mainly because it results in higher electric power towards the ball.

When browsing for new balls, a wonderful position out there may be the excellent bowling ball to buy. Nonetheless, 1 needs to check out also other characteristics prior to acquiring nearly any ball. No matter if these balls is going to be the priciest or even the greatest in delivering better electricity on your ball, in case you are even now an beginner or perhaps an casual participant, these finest forms may well be as well considerably to match your requires.You’ll find people that obtain the claimed product with holes that happen to be tailored to match their palms. These create ease in enjoying the activity. Furthermore, some select large new balls but can however be handy.

Brunswick Bowling Balls: How to Choose the Best for You?

Having a hard time looking for a good bowling ball that will give you the perfect play just like a real pro? Well newbies, worry no more! I have here some very important tips on how to choose the perfect Brunswick bowling ball for you!

Of course, when looking for the best bowling balls that will perfectly suit your type of play, you need to look after the following criteria: ball size, weight, and materials used.

Here are some important things you need to know


There are two sizes of bowling balls, the 5 pin and the 10 pin Brunswick balls. The balls in five pin bowling are small enough to fit in the hand, it is 5 inches in diameter, and therefore has no finger holes. Ten-pin Brunswick products generally have a set of three holes drilled in them, one each for the ring and middle finger, and one for the thumb.


The weight of a bowling ball is an important factor. Some bowling enthusiasts believe that the heavier the ball, the better, since it can easily knocked down the pin at the end of the lane, others prefer the lighter ones because it is easier to handle. Whatever it is, the best thing to consider is, a perfect bowling ball should match on the ability of the bowler to carry the ball and of course his playing skills. There are different sizes of Brunswick balls ranging from 6 lbs to 16 lbs and it is up to you to choose which of these you can comfortably handle.

Materials Used

Brunswick balls are made of different substances and each type delivers a different kind of performance. Plastic bowling balls are the most common ones because it does not cost much compared to other Brunswick balls available in the market. They are the ones you usually see in bowling alleys. Since it is made of polyester it does not wear out fast.Bowling balls made of urethane are much softer compared to others. This is the type of Brunswick balls commonly used by pro since it is perfect for hook shots.

Reactive resin balls are a perfect choice for more experienced bowler because it has added resins to it that move perfectly on the lane surface on a faster speed.

A mix of the urethane and resin is great for controllability. It’s smooth types of bowling balls and also the resin aspect enables it to possess energy. It’s utilized in oily lane conditions and isn’t for that novice but they’re great for the moderate bowlers who’ve some experience of the overall game. They’re economical and great for connecting. A ball that’s made purely of resin is easily the most costly and also the professional which has mastered the various moves uses it. When selecting an inexpensive ball or perhaps an costly one you will find several points to consider. The load from the ball along with the position from the drilled finger holes must be considered. The ball shouldn’t be a lot more than 10% of the body weight though for that professional the ball might be heavier. Once the ball has been acquired, both of your hands ought to be used to be able to avoid injuries towards the arms and back. Budget plastic types of bowling balls are ideal for beginners as they could hit hooks directly plus they roll straight.

Particle Balls are chosen by professional bowlers for some particular bowling situation.

It is made up of glass that helps the ball get a good grip on the lane, it is also best for hook shot and with faster speed.


Now that you have the idea of the different types of bowling balls, it is up to you to choose which of this will more likely give you a good play and which is the right ball for you. There is no need to buy really expensive ones. Most of the bowling balls fit the criteria of an excellent ball. What is important is you are comfortable in using it and it can help you perform at your best.