Best Bowling Shoes

Bowling ShoesWhen people say bowling shoes, what usually comes to mind are those rental bowling shoes that bowling alleys let customers borrow for use when they play. Usually coming in two or three (clashing) colors and worn down by countless other feet, these rental shoes are not particularly inspiring sights and not among the best bowling shoes.

Bowling Shoes – Designs and Styles

However, bowling shoes actually come in various designs, and there are pairs that – believe it or not – may be considered by some to look good. Whatever the outward appearance may be, all the best bowling shoes have one thing in common. The bowler shoes are designed to allow the bowler to perform easily and effectively the distinctive slide during the approach to the foul line.

There are three-step and four-step bowling styles to the approach, but they both involve taking measured steps while simultaneously preparing the bowling ball for release. The final step is actually a sliding lunge together with a swing of the arm and the release of the bowling ball onto the lane.

Bowling Shoes – Sliding Steps and Sliding Soles

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This sliding step is important to perform properly, as it can determine whether the bowling ball gains enough momentum or not. Worn or defective bowling shoes can interfere with a proper slide, resulting in loss of bowling ball momentum or even bowling ball control.

Bowling shoes feature so called sliding soles, which help to reduce friction and make for better slides. Athletic bowling shoes are styled just like normal athletic shoes, but typically feature sliding soles on both feet. These bowling shoes are great for beginners, and for casual bowling players who play up to once a week.

More serious bowling players and professionals may want to consider performance bowling shoes. These bowling shoes, instead of having sliding soles on both feet, instead have the other foot fitted for better traction.

After all, in the approach, only one foot actually has to slide. This is the foot opposite the player’s bowling arm. Hence, performance bowling shoes are modified based on whether the bowling player is left- or right-handed.

Some of these special pair of bowling shoes may even come with soles that can be switched around depending on lane conditions. These are for the experts who really want to squeeze out every last bit of advantage and performance that they can from their bowling shoes.

Fancy bowling shoes are not required for one to do well in the sport, and neither do they ensure better performance. As with many sports, personal skill, honed by practice, is still the determining factor for success and good performance. However, choosing bowling shoes properly can still play its part in making playing bowling easier and more comfortable.

Brunswick Bowling Shoes

If you want the best pair of bowling footwear you will find a variety of bowling brands, styles, colors, designs, and much more to select from.

Brunswick designs extremely popular types of bowling footwear. You will find many to select from like the Classic Black Brunswick bowling shoes, their Raze Whitened or Teal women’s bowling footwear, you can decide on Brunswick Lazer footwear in pink or crimson, along with a stellar whitened/pink shade.

Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe

Women’s Bowling Footwear

Brunswick makes excellent women’s bowling footwear – but you will find more top quality bowling producers available which have top-of-the-line designs within their women’s bowling footwear too!

Another type of Brunswick bowling shoes which are extremely popular and in the marketplace today are Brunswick women’s bowling footwear. Dexter is yet another title bowling shoe brand that may really result in the greatest quality women’s bowling footwear.

Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe

Dexter Bowling Brands

A few of their styles would be the Dexter SST 7 that is black and cream colored, the ST 5 comfort women’s bowling footwear really are a cream and blue style. The Dexter SST 4 Plus is available in whitened and blue jay. Their other famous sub-brands are Dexter Men’s, Dexter Turbo and Dexter Turbo II.

All these women’s bowling footwear have individual characteristics which will best meet your requirements like a bowler – and these bowling shoes may fit your personal taste too.

Dexter Bowling - Mens - SST 8 Pro

Some Tips on Deciding to Buy Bowling Shoes

Every sport requires some sort of uniform or decorum to be observed. Take basketball, or soccer. I have never seen tournaments of this sport without uniforms. While others have a certain low-key with regards to this aspect, it is never lost. Even in chess, players wear some sort of a uniform to properly distinguish him from a crowd of spectators.

Most bowling centers require players to wear bowling shoes. If the bowling player doesn’t have one, he can rent bowling shoes on the center. But this is a typical scenario for a casual player.

Why Have Your Own Bowling Shoes?

The regular bowlers often have a pair of bowling shoes. Aside from being able to save from rental shoes, having you own fit is undeniably comfortable, not to mention pretty sexy too, since you won’t have to wear those size 14 bowling shoes that you have mistaken for a boat.

The most important factor for bowling shoes is the slide effect. As you approach the lane for a delivery, you need to slide with the opposite foot, and rubber soled shoes like sneakers will not slide.

If you haven’t bought a pair of bowling shoes before, you might be a little lost. For starters, you should consider how often you play. Casual players may be better off using rented bowling shoes. But if you are more of a regular bowler, then you should consider what type of bowling shoe you need.

Buying Your Shoe

There are two types of bowling shoes, Athletic and Performance:

Athletic Bowling Shoes

Athletic bowling shoes are recommended for novice bowling players because they have a sliding sole on both shoes.

Performance Bowling Shoes

Performance shoes on the other hand, have the sliding effect on one bowling shoe and the braking effect on the other, which bowling shoe has which would depend on right/left handedness.


So if you are a competitive bowler who likes to change patterns with every game, you will probably want a bowling shoe that has interchangeable sole pads to match a style and the surface condition you are bowling in.