How Much Do Bowling Balls Cost?

Bowling balls are a big decision when buying them, and the cost can be confusing. This guide will help you figure out how much a bowling ball costs and what to keep in mind before purchasing one.

A novice bowling ball will set you back around $50, with higher-quality balls costing considerably more. If you’re searching for a professional bowling ball with a specific logo, prepare to pay upwards of $150. Owning a bowling ball may also have its added costs like maintenance, cleaning, redrilling and resurfacing.

Buying a New Bowling Ball

Some people have found that it is often cheaper to buy a set of two balls than one, so if you are looking for an affordable option, this may be something to consider.

There are many brands available on the market today from which to choose from – some more expensive than others – but no matter your budget or preference there is sure to be something perfect for you!

In this guide, we’ll go over a few things to consider when it comes to bowling balls cost, plus taking a look at a list of some good options, ranked from cheapest to most expensive.


Entry Level Bowling Balls

Let us the different types of bowling balls and what to look for when you go out to purchase an entry level bowling ball.

Plastic Bowling Balls

The cost of a plastic bowling ball will vary widely, around $50, with the most expensive costing more than $100. You may pay above $120 or $150 for a more quality bowling ball with a particular logo if you are looking for one.

Urethane Bowling Balls / Reactive Resin Bowling Balls

Bowling balls are often made with urethane or reactive resin cover stock, and are starting at $75 and going up to $150 are entry-level performance bowling balls. They are a great way for someone who has already mastered the basics and wants to play around, looking for a smoother hook.

Professional Bowling Balls

For a decent intermediate or advanced bowler, a high-end reactive resin bowling ball costs between $150 to $250.

Probably it is the materials that make certain bowling balls really expensive, with urethane and resin urethane balls being premium offers.

How Much Is A Custom Bowling Ball?

Many custom-made pro shop, or pro stock, bowling balls will be even around $200 to $800 each. These high-end custom designed bowling balls offer an outstanding performance, hook potential and consistency – perfect for championship bowlers!

Cost of a Tournament Bowling Ball

A tournament-quality bowling ball might cost advanced bowlers anywhere from $350 to $800. These balls are designed for maximum performance for how the average bowler throws the ball, so they last longer. They are also excellent if you have a more aggressive or straight shooting style.

Additional Bowling Ball Costs

It is popular among some bowlers to have multiple balls. Also if you own a bowling alley, and need 10 or 20 house balls, it may be wise to shop around for a good deal on bulk purchases.

When it comes to bowling ball prices, players have quite a range of options! The best way to determine how much you want to spend is how much time you spend playing and how often you play.

One important thing to keep in mind is how much maintenance your ball will require.


Costs that Come with Owning a Bowling Ball


Redrilling a ball is necessary for most players and can cost you anywhere from $20 to $100. Redrilling helps the player fit their fingers better if they have adjusted their grip or technique since initially buying it, or if they are switching between multiple balls. You may also want to replace your finger inserts and weights every so often depending on how often you use your bowling ball.


Resurfacing bowling ball is not necessary but is an option. It costs from $30 to $100 and can be done as often as you like depending on how worn your bowling ball becomes throughout the season.

If you are a serious bowler or you own a bowling alley, you may want to look into automated machines that resurface your ball for you. This can cost $500 to $1,500 or even more depending on the type of machine and how often it is used.


It’s important to clean your bowling ball regularly with a bowling ball cleaner. This will help remove any dirt or oil that may have built up and will help keep your ball performing its best. A bowling ball cleaner on average costs around $10-20.

Additional Bowling Equipment

Some pieces of bowling gear that are necessary if you own a bowling ball are bowling ball bags or bowling ball totes. Bowling bags and totes can cost anywhere from $20 to $120 depending on the brand, material, storage amount, etc. Having your own bowling shoes is also healthy if you don’t want to rent house shoes everytime as a casual player or if you are going on tournaments as an expert bowler.

Bowling Ball Brands

Some brands are more expensive than others, but it is good to be aware of quality bowling balls brands. The priciest ones are probably Storm, Motiv or Hammer bowling balls at the moment.

  • Brunswick, Motiv, Pyramid, Storm, Hammer, Columbia 300, Ebonite, and DV8 are just a few examples of quality bowling ball brands.

For maximum hook potential, it could be practical to choose a top quality brand from one of the above options.

There are a plethora of brands to select from on the market today, some more costly and others less so, but there is certainly something for everyone when looking for the right bowling ball!

Bowling Ball Sizes

While there are multiple factors that determine how much a bowling ball will cost, the price of each ball is heavily dependent on its weight.

Bowling balls come in a wide array of sizes, too. For female bowlers, there’s a smaller 10-pound ball to use called the lady pro or small ball.

For male bowlers, there is a 16-pound ball called the maximum.

Typically, the heavier the bowling ball is, the more expensive it will be. People who want to drop some pounds and roll a lighter ball can benefit from this system as well.

A 10-pound ladies’ bowling ball typically costs about $100 or less, where a 16-pound men’s ball typically costs between $100 and $150.

In addition, there are typically four types of bowling ball weights:

  • 10 pounds,
  • 12 pounds,
  • 14 pounds,
  • 16 pounds.

The lighter weights make it easier for a beginner player to roll balls down the lane and hit pins, and to become a better bowler.

Why are Bowling Balls so Expensive?

Bowling balls are expensive for a variety of reasons, the first being how difficult it is to make them. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to make each bowling ball, and the machines that do the work are very costly.

In addition, a lot of research and development goes into each ball to ensure its quality and performance.

The cost of materials is another factor that contributes to the high price of bowling balls. Bowling balls are made from a variety of materials including urethane, plastic and resin that are not cheapest to come by.


USBC-Approved Bowling Balls

USBC was founded in 2005 to help create uniformity in bowling balls by establishing specifications for how they are made. USBC-approved bowling balls have the USBC logo on them and can be used in any sanctioned bowling league or tournament.

United States Bowling Congress members have access to all the balls in the USBC Approved Bowling Ball list. Manufacturers and bowlers are informed of the authorized ball list on a weekly basis so that they may know which balls are legal for use in USBC-certified events.

How Much Do Bowling Balls Sell For?

If you are done with bowling, but still want to make some money from your old, second-hand bowling equipment, asking how much do bowling balls sell for is a great question. Average prices you can expect to get from selling a used ball are around $15 to $30.

You can sell your used bowling ball on eBay or on Facebook groups or on Craigslist for example – by checking out these sites, you can get a general idea of how much your used bowling ball might be worth.

If you are not a techie, or don’t know how to advertise a product online on the above mentioned options, you may also visit a local bowling shop to find more help selling your old bowling equipment.

If you are absolutely unable to sell the bowling ball or just don’t have the time or will for it, you may also donate it to a local bowling alley or a youth bowling club, if it is in an okay condition. In that case however, you will probably not be able to receive money for it, but you can contribute to your local community and to beginner bowlers.

Closing Thoughts About Bowling Balls Costs

After reading this guide, you should have a good idea of what bowling balls are and how much they cost. The cost of bowling balls can vary depending on the quality, weight and material. Some people will spend more money on the right ball that has better grip or is easier to use in certain conditions.

The USBC-approved bowling balls are the most expensive, as they must meet certain regulations. Most balls, however, are relatively affordable for most people.

The higher priced balls are typically for pros and people who play in highly competitive leagues, since they need the best equipment possible and the right bowling ball to keep them at their peak ability.

With all of this knowledge, you should now know about how much does a bowling ball cost!

At any rate, there are plenty of options out there if you take the time to do some research; happy shopping!

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