How To Fly With Bowling Balls?

While it might be rare, people might need to fly with their own bowling balls in some cases. And flying with your own bowling ball can be a tricky process, especially because you might be subjected to many regulations, checkpoints, or time issues, which can be quite stressful. So, if you’re wondering how to travel with bowling balls, here’s what you need to know!

How To Travel With Bowling Balls?

Many airlines only allow bowling balls if they are packed according to the rules they have set. If your bowling balls exceed the weight limit, you might have to check them in with the rest of your luggage. Bowling balls can also not be placed in the overhead compartment since they can fall out and injure passengers.

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Can You Take A Bowling Ball On A Plane?

In accordance with America’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA), bowling balls can be taken onto planes as carry-on or can be checked in before boarding. However, the website does state that the final decision rests on the TSA agent that goes through your bag.

But, even after the TSA check-up, the airline you are traveling with also has a say in the decision. So make sure you follow the procedure mentioned below to avoid hearing the words “no.”

Check With The Airline Agency

It is recommended to consult with the airline you’re flying with about their regulations and rules so that you know how and what to pack with your bowling ball. Before you book your flight, make sure you check multiple airlines so that you can choose the one that allows you to travel with your bowling balls without causing much of a hassle.

Airline rules can also indicate where you can store your bowling balls in case you bring them on the flight. This is because many airlines do not allow stowing bowling balls in the cabins overhead. Bowling balls weigh over twelve pounds and are dangerous objects, and can easily harm anyone if they fall out of the compartment.

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Many airlines require bowling balls to be packed properly in designated bags before take off. Bags specially made for bowling balls come in different shapes and sizes, and it’s important that you choose one that can handle the weight of your ball. Some options you can choose from including:

Normal Bags

Most bowling ball bags come with internal protection to soften the outer shell of the bowling ball and ease any sort of discomfort and decrease the chance of injury if the bag falls. If you are carrying more than a couple of bowling balls, then you need a bag that can accommodate all of them.

Shoulder Bags

Many airlines actually prefer shoulder bags as they reduce the risk of losing the bowling balls. Along with this advantage, such bags are great for people who are already carrying a lot of luggage and have their hands full.

Can You Take Bowling Pins Onto An Airplane?

Bowling pins can be used as bludgeoning weapons such as bats or sticks, and so they cannot be carried onto an aircraft. They can, however, be checked in as luggage before the flight boards. Similarly, bowling balls on the flight are transported as cabin luggage and are stowed away in the care of airline hosts or hostesses.

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If you are traveling with bowling balls, it is fair to know a few simple points to ease the transition. Your bowling balls need to be packed properly in their own designated bags and then carried to the airport. Depending on how many bowling balls you carry, you might exceed the weight limit, so you will have to check some of them in as luggage. Remember, it is extremely important to contact the airline you’re traveling with and understand the rules and regulations.

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