How to Store Bowling Balls?

Bowling ball storage can be tricky. It is important to keep your bowling ball in a safe place where it will not be damaged or knocked over by other items, and there are many other factors that may endanger your bowling ball’s condition.

Bowling balls are heavy and fragile, so they need to be stored carefully.

You can prevent your bowling ball from cracking by keeping its surface away from contact with air. The most effective method to achieve this is by storing it in a bowling ball bag firmly wrapped around when not in use. Keep the ball away from any impact that could have a deteriorating effect on it.

Things To Pay Attention To When Storing A Bowling Ball

To protect your bowling ball from damage, you need to take some precautions. Bowling balls that are stored improperly can become cracked or scuffed. The bowling industry may also come to your help with lots of helpful storage accessories.

Storing Bowling Balls Facing Holes Downward

Put your bowling ball on end with the holes facing downward (this will prevent any dirt or debris from getting inside which can be potentially harmful).

Provide Padding

Secure the bowling ball by putting something over it like a box or rug and a towel. This will keep it from rolling around too much so that it would not crack. Balls can also be stored inside a storage bag or a ball cup.

Protect the Surface

Try to prevent any sharp objects from coming in direct contact with the surface of the bowling ball since that may cause an unwanted crack. If you are using one, make sure that it is clean before putting it away. Never allow your bowling ball to become too greasy, humid, dry, or unclean when you bowl.


Don’t Place It Near Other Things That Can Damage It

Properly store bowling balls away from other things that might damage them, especially sharp corners or wet areas with high humidity, where mold can grow quickly. Also, a ball should not be stored in an area where there is direct sunlight.

If Possible Have a Dedicated Bowling Ball Locker At Home

If you have a dedicated bowling ball locker at home, it will be easier to keep the bowling ball protected. Some people choose to put their bowling balls in plastic bags or wrap them tightly with newspaper before placing them inside their lockers. Either way, these methods are effective for protecting your bowling balls.

Avoid Pressure Cracks

Every week, spin and rotate the bowling ball a quarter turn. This will help prevent pressure cracks from forming. If the bowling ball stays in the same position for too long, pressure cracks can form on the single spot it stands on.

Have a Strong Base Beneath the Bowling Ball

Your ball should stand on a stable surface. The base of the bag or rack or shelf on which the ball stands should be solid and firm and not collapse, or else the bowling ball will start to become damaged or take on a strange shape over time, or the bowling ball may roll away.

Using a ball cup is one way to make sure the ball is stable. A ball cup is a device shaped like a flattened cone with a round bottom and a hole in the middle. The hole is placed over the ball and the weight of the ball will hold it in place.

A ball rack is another good storage option. Just make sure that the ball rack is heavy-duty and will withstand a lot of weight, as such balls can get pretty heavy.

What Temperature Should Bowling Balls be Stored at?

Keep bowling balls at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius) away from direct sunlight and extreme cold. Maintain a consistent temperature, if possible, and avoid extreme temperatures.

Exposing balls to either extremely cold or hot temperatures, or to frequent temperature changes is like signing a death penalty to the bowling equipment.


Expose It To Fresh Air Sometimes

Additionally, open your bowling bag to expose it to fresh air as often as possible. Avoid moisture and humidity, the surface should be completely dry before storage.

Storing bowling balls is an important process to protect the integrity of your ball. By following these simple tips, you can keep your ball in good condition and prevent it from being damaged. Remember to practice regular maintenance and keep your ball in a safe place when not in use.

Bowling balls are expensive, so it’s important for bowlers to take care of them properly!

Can Bowling Balls Be Stored in the Garage?

If you have space and your garage stays pretty dry and is not too cold, then this is a good option for keeping your bowling ball. Make sure to keep it in a box or a closet with some padding around it so that it can’t be damaged from anything else in the garage.

If you have a garage or basement that is too cold, or it gets very humid in there, then you should look for another place to keep them outside of the garage in a proper temperature.


Can Bowling Balls Be Left in the Cold?

It is generally not good to put your bowling ball in the cold because it will make it brittle.

If you live in a very cold climate and do not have any other options for storing your bowling ball, try putting them inside an old pillow case or plastic bag, and leaving them under your car seat overnight. This might keep them from freezing too much and causing damage from temperature.

Don’t Store a Bowling Ball Outside

Don’t store balls outside. This can cause them to crack or warp, especially if it’s very humid outside. A patio is not a good option either, since it is usually exposed to weather and can get very warm in the sun in the summer.

Do not store balls inside the trunk of a car. It can become too hot there and cause damage in the ball. Also, a bowling ball inside a trunk can jump around in the car when you drive if you don’t fix it somehow in one place, which may cause possible damage or ball crack.

Storing Your Bowling Ball On the Go

If you are not sure how to store your ball at home, then you might be wondering how to store your bowling ball when you are traveling.

Provide a Case or Storage Bag For Your Ball

Make sure that it is in a hard carrying case so that if the bowling ball gets knocked over or dropped, it will not break or crack. It should also have padding inside so that if it does get dropped, it will be protected.

Don’t Keep Multiple Bowling Balls Together

You might want to keep all of your balls in one case or bag together, but this is not recommended. You should put each bowling ball separately so that they do not collide into each other and cause any damage or get cracked.

If you still absolutely have to store them together, even two balls, for example during transport, then at least place some padding between them like a towel or a pillow.


Travelling on a Plane with Your Bowling Ball

When you are traveling with your ball on a plane for longer periods and not just to your local bowling alley, make sure they do not exceed the size or weight limit for how big of an item is allowed on the aircraft. You should check with your carrier before hand if you are unsure how large your bowling ball is.

If it does not exceed the baggage size limit, you should carry it on the plane with you and store it underneath your seat and absolutely NOT! in an overhead compartment. You can use a small bowling ball bag to bring your bowling ball or even few balls onto the plane and then store it away after you board.

Closing Thoughts About Proper Bowling Ball Storage

The best way to store balls is in a cool, dry place with plenty of air circulation, and low humidity levels.

If you’re storing them outside or in an unheated garage or shed or basement, it’s important to check on the condition of the balls every month and also avoid any mold or dirt near the balls.

Mold can grow quickly in humid conditions – such issues cause irreparable damage if left unchecked for too long.

Using these tips will help keep your bowling ball collection available, you can avoid cracking, and have it ready for future use at all times!

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