Kids’ Bowling Balls

Kids BowlingThe most important piece of your kid’s bowling equipment is the bowling ball, which will make a huge difference in his performance. Selecting bowling balls for kids can be a very difficult task as a parent, especially if you are not a bowler yourself.

Following are some tips that would help you make a decision regarding which bowling ball is the best for your kid.

Weight of Kids’ Bowling Balls

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Firstly, the weight of the bowling ball is a primary issue. The average weight of bowling balls for kids ranges between the 6 and 16 pounds range, therefore it is vital to select bowling balls which can be handled easily by your child. If the weight of the ball is too light for your kids, they will just end up throwing it really hard. But at the same time if the bowling ball is on the heavier side, then your child will have a difficult time at handling and throwing the bowling balls, and this could potentially hurt your child’s muscles and joints. Prefer a bowling ball with such a weight that your kids would be able to comfortably handle and control. The child’s bowling teacher can be a great guide on this.

Material of Kids’ Bowling Balls

Secondly, the material used in the ball is important. Bowling balls for kids are constructed using different materials, with most made of plastic and polyester. Polyester balls are a great option for your kids, since they are light and your child can handle them easily. Urethane and reactive urethane are also popularly used for the construction of bowling balls, and can easily re curve and have a great grip on the surface of the lane. Which material is best for your child’s bowling ball can be discussed with his coach for better idea.

The Core of Kids’ Bowling Balls

The core of the bowling ball is also a major criterion. The core of the ball varies between different bowling balls. The grip of the bowling ball over the lane is directly affected by the interior portion. A lot of hard work goes into designing the interior of the bowling balls for kids. Ask the staff of your pro shop for more information and details regarding this.

Grip on Kids’ Bowling Balls

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If you have been bowling, you would realize the importance of a good grip on the ball. The best way to get a good grip on the bowling ball is to insert the middle and ring fingers into the second joint. This kind of grip is great for your kids since they have weaker hands. But at the same time, at a later stage, have your kids insert their middle and ring fingers into the first joint, since this will help them give better shots. However this may require more strength. Usually parents get the bowling balls for kids custom drilled to make it easy for their children to handle the bowling ball easily. While it may cost a bit more, but the bowling ball would fit comfortably into your child’s hand and he will be in a better position to tackle the game next time.

The color and design of your kids’ bowling ball might not help your child’s performance in anyway, but at the same time, children love funky colors, designs and patterns and their bowl looks attractive with them. Get a color or design that your child would love.

Discuss which bowling ball is best for your kids after taking into account the advice of your child’s coach and also talk with other parents. Just don’t go with what his best friend is using, but use bowling balls for kids which he would be able to handle easily and will help to improve his performance on the floor.

Plastic Bowling Balls

Bowling is a major sport in the world and plastics manufacturers have stepped up their game in this major sport by creating plastic bowling balls; that take professional punishment. Many people have bowled with the balls provided by bowling alleys, and know these to be strong and sturdy. These are a durable plastic material and are the less costly of the many materials bowling balls are made of.

Maybe you want to become a professional bowler or just one of the best in your hometown, the use of plastic is a great place to start. Most people involved in serious bowling find knocking off a few spares with a plastic bowling ball is good. Choosing a plastic bowling ball leaves you in a sea of confusion but there are favorite manufacturers or you might pick a ball you feel comfortable with. Friends bowl and have opinions about the best bowling balls to use, so, seek their point of view. Plastic bowling balls are good for bowling beginners, especially kids, inexpensive if lost and the cost is not out of range as they are relatively cheap; easily replaced. It does not take a great bowler to have good equipment.

Have bowling ball holes drilled to fit your fingers. Most know how hard it is to stretch fingers over pre-drilled ball holes, especially a beginner, not accustomed to the weight of a bowling ball. Your special bowling ball and sized finger holes will help you get better control over where you want to put the bowling ball, sharpening your game. Clear plastic bowling balls designed with certain finishes function on a number of bowling surfaces. Pyramid, Brunswick and Hammer are only a few of the leading bowling ball manufacturers and brands, carrying equipment that is strong and reasonably priced. They perform well on most surfaces although special finishes work to give various effects.

First time bowlers might start out by using the bowling balls that roll along the lanes, they are plastic and work for average players. But, for those wanting to add a special zest to a bowling experience a personal piece of equipment is great to have. Get bowling balls with popular logos; Jeff Gordon, Nascar Racing and others. Bowling balls look pretty nifty on the lanes, but a plastic covered bowling ball made to fit you at the correct weight will give a better game. Every player would like to get a strike each time the bowling ball rolls down the lane but, unfortunately, that is not the case. Beginners often find their bowling balls in the all favorite gutter, but with practice and good plastic bowling balls things get better. Adjusting to the weight of a bowling ball that is easy to handle and fits your size is all a part of a good game.